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Classic Instruments Releases Retro-fit Service Package for 1958-62 Corvettes

Classic Instruments is pleased to announce that they will now be offering an electronic Retro-fit Service Package for 1958-62 Corvettes. The package’s base price includes a stock styled gauge using the customer’s existing parts. The package has been designed to utilize Classic Instruments’ custom built  ZST Speedometer circuit board which plugs directly into any engine, transmission, or ECU and can even plug directly into Sky Drive for GPS as well. The tachometer and other instruments get Classic Instruments’ latest technology as well, including their air-core movements built for precision and durability, all the necessary sending units, and no extra boxes or modules needed.
What sets this package apart from the company’s traditional Corvette direct-fits and complete custom offerings, is the fact that it’s price-point and turnaround as well as upgrade options land right in between the two. Customers will enjoy the perfect balance of affordable, options, and turnaround time; as soon as all existing parts and the customer’s order form arrive at the shop, Classic Instruments can have it shipped in just three weeks. For additional fees, customers can choose to add a clock to their project as well as maintain the original “eyelids” in their small gauges. Additionally, Classic Instruments maintains the ability to build a completely one-off Corvette cluster, or simply change pointer colors, and every level of customization in between. They must receive all the customer’s existing parts in order to proceed with a project and for any custom changes or inquiries it is best to give them a call as pricing varies depending on the project. More information as well as examples of past work can be found on their website at

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