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Classy Chassis for '59 - '64 Chevrolets

Classy Chassis for '59 - '64 Chevrolets


Schwartz Performance has developed a brand new, totally re-engineered chassis for 1959 to 1964 full size Chevys. A lot of Biscaynes, Bel Airs, Impalas and Impala Super Sports might get a new lease on life, thanks to the new chassis, which answers a couple of issues the stock chassis is known for.

Originally, these Chevys used an X-frame design that was both weak and rust-prone. Years ago, we remember numerous 1959-1964 Chevys that had really beautiful sheet metal being junked because their frames were rusted out. Back then, the high expense of a frame repair didn’t make financial sense. The GM X-frame also lacked the structural rigidity of a traditional perimeter frame.

The new Schwartz Performance chassis is a beefy perimeter style frame that requires only a simple notching of the Chevrolet outer floor pan to permit an easy body install. Other than the one simple modification, the frame bolts directly into the stock body mount locations and no extensive fabrication work is required.

The new Schwartz Performance chassis also provides the longest shock travel of any available aftermarket suspension. The suspension design and geometry allow plenty of movement over bumps and while turning. This setup allowed Schwartz Performance to incorporate softer spring rates that resulted in improved ride quality over the stock Chevrolet chassis.

The new 1959-1964 Chevy chassis incorporates a power rack and pinion steering system, 13-inch brakes, a full-floating nine-inch rear end with a TrueTrac locking differential and RideTech single-adjustable coil-overs as standard equipment. “We can now offer more options than competing chassis makers for the same relative price,” Dale Schwartz told Hot Rod Hotline. Schwartz said that the new Biscayne/Bel Air/Impala chassis is one of about 25 different muscle car and truck chassis his company is manufacturing today. For information contact Dale Schwartz by calling (815) 206-2230 or visit


Schwartz Performance’s latest chassis fits 1959-1964 full-size Chevys.


The suspension design allows improved spring rates.