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Photography by Nigel Kinrade
Review By Tim Kennedy

This 6.5” X 9.25” soft-cover book, published in May 2009, is 256 pages with outstanding photography (300 color photos) by Nigel Kinrade. It is a book that new or long-time NASCAR fans will enjoy. The introduction tells it all by titles of the six chapters.

Ch. 1 – Legends of NASCAR (10 drivers);
Ch. 2 - Champions (12 drivers);
Ch. 3 – One-Time Wonders (4 drivers);
Ch. 4 – Current Drivers (19 drivers);
Ch. 5 – Memorials (6 drivers);

Ch. 6 – The New Class (11 drivers).

You will learn interesting facts about 62 NASCAR drivers. I learned that late NASCAR star Glen “Fireball” Roberts and I share the same birthday (Jan. 20) and he was born ten years before I was.

North Carolina based author White is a well-known authority on NASCAR racing and an editor for NASCAR Illustrated. He has written books on NASCAR Cup car owner Robert Yates and one on American stock car racers for MBI Publishing Company.

Prolific photographer Kinrade has photographed NASCAR racing since the early 1990s and is a regular contributor to RACER and Sports Illustrated magazines. His photos also appear in other stock car books for Motorbooks.

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Nascar Racers is published by Quayside Publishing group and available for purchase at well-known national bookstores. They are available also from The price of the book is $19.99 US.