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“Ultimate Muscle Cars”, General Editor Craig Cheetham

“Ultimate Muscle Cars”, General Editor Craig Cheetham
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From the Publisher Motorbooks, MBI Publishing

Five-View Series “Ultimate Muscle Cars”

General Editor Craig Cheetham

Nothing says American automotive power like a muscle car. Celebrating the greatest cars of Detroit's greatest era, this book puts the muscle car into perspective as never before--with specially commissioned photos that capture each car from every angle; detailed specifications; and in-depth accounts of developments in styling and performance. Here are the milestones of Motown's mighty era, from the first eye-popping Pontiac GTO to today's hot muscle cars. This book features 75 of the best--from the Road Runner and Barracuda to the Camaro, Mustang, and Firebird--and constitutes the most exciting chapter in American automotive history.

Review: By Richard “Too Low” Haas

The “Five View Series” of automotive books published by MBI is best described as a “casual reference” library; probably best used for settling bets, not as a manual to use in a frame-off restoration.

In this book, editor Craig Cheetham (who has also put together other “car books”, i.e. “Hot Rods And Custom Cars”, “The Worlds Most Exotic Sports Cars”, “Hot Cars Of The 60’s”) follows the standard format of the Five View Series. 

Starting with a press release description, there is a series of great color shots of the featured car, along with a “box” section called “Under The Skin“ that shows a shot of the engine and drive train. When you turn the page you’ll find the “Five Views” (top, each side, front and back) that gave this series it’s name, along with a “spec list” that shows body dimensions, engine specs, drive train, etc.

One word of warning though: Mr. Cheetham seems to have no problem featuring shots showing a slightly modified version of the muscle car….not a problem as long as you are aware of it. The 1966 Mustang section, for instance, shows shots of a tangerine colored car with a modified grille and rear-end treatment as well as after-market wheels. A good-looking car, but not a reference piece.

This book is fairly complete in the variety of muscle cars it features and will be a great book to have when you “can’t quite remember the difference” between a late sixties Impala and an early seventies Monte Carlo.

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