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1928 Ford Model A Build


By Thierry (Terry) Kozlovic

Kelowna B.C.


I built this car in memory of my Father DARIO KOZLOVIC.

This car means a lot to the many people around me.

  I started with a 28 Model A Tudor body sitting in a friends yard.  I chopped the roof 5 inches and installed a new roof, built a chassis, then channeled the body over the new frame 5 inches and built a new floor.  I got the front and rear end on so it’s rolling. I stuffed the huge 409 stroked to 452 inches in to make sure it would clear the firewall, after I moved it back 1.5 inch and built a new one. I also built a new visor and opened up the windshield area 1.5 for more visability. THE NEXT STEP WAS TO FRENCH IN THE TAILLIGHTS WHICH ARE B-17 World War 2 BOMBER LIGHTS and add a panel of louvers between them.  Then I had to build bomber style seats and a custom dash.  The front grille shell is modified a touch. Everything is hand built on this car with simple tools. It was built designed and assembled at Strong Arm Steel Fabricators in Kelowna B.C.
  Who says a nice car cannot be built with simple tools and a passion and determination.
  DSCF4353   DSCF4371   Grace riding and car parts April2007 021
  That's me cutting the roof off the car       The car was 3 years in the making. This picture was from 2007
  roll cage and floor 030   roll cage and floor 015   roll cage and floor 015
  Roll cage and floor        
  big bad T's phone 027   april 09 263   april 09 295
      Picture taken April of 2009    
  april 09 291   2009 sept family and model a 093   fireworks torchman bbq and car 0710 146
  The handsome guy with all the tattoos is my buddy the pinstriper guy Terry       The car ended up getting sponsored by the Basf Painting company, a fine bunch of lads.
  interior pictures for magazine 174   interior pictures for magazine 150   interior pictures for magazine 180
  Thierry's 1928 model A is on the cover of this month's Canadian Hot Rods. August 2010.   Interior pictures for magazine    
  july 19 2010 high res car pics 110