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41 Graham Build Project Dick Raczuk

Koul Tools: Lake Havasu City, AZ

Like the manufacturers and distributors of many of the slickest automotive tools, Dick Raczuk invented his Koul Tool out of necessity. Dick was working on his 41 Graham Hollywood and his hands were bloody and torn up from the braided hose .... he knew there had to be a better way to get the hoses into the fittings .... and so the 'koul tool" was born. Dick is still working on that Graham and we wanted to show you a little bit of it.


Take a close look.... that's a Northstar engine ... and since they are originally designed to sit sideways in the car, there are many problems in adapting it .... take a look at the radiator setup. There are dozens of "one off" pieces and adaptations on this car.... What a great piece ... and it really shows off Dicks talent in machining and engineering.... We can't wait to see this beautiful car when it's done....

hose clamp and dash 003


If you find yourself fighting with braided hoses ..... now you know what to do... get yourself a hose kit from Koul Tools Check out their very extensive tech and instruction pages online.