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American Muscle Challenge Board Game Review By Jen Klassen Developed By Classic Family Entertainment™ (CFE).

American Muscle Challenge Board Game Review By Jen Klassen Developed By Classic Family Entertainment™ (CFE).
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The First Muscle Car Board Game To Hit The Streets!

Developed By Classic Family Entertainment™ (CFE). 


Remember when Saturday night was for "Cruising", a "Burn Out" had nothing to with stress and "Muscle Ruled the Road"?

Cruiser Ken remembers and he's brought those days back in an exciting board game that challenges you to be the first to restore your muscle car.

Just keep in mind you may have to spend more than you want to complete it and some bumps in the road may slow you down. Be smart when making deals, be quick off the line and always. . . watch out for the cops!

American Muscle Challenge Board Game

Review By Jen Klassen

Sometimes you win  pic 6  

After having a family night around the table playing the "American Muscle Challenge" game, it got me thinking about that family icon game- “Monopoly” and how it must have been received when first unleashed on the American public. The more I thought about it, the more similarities between the two games came to the fore.

Of course there is the buying and selling, negotiating, getting penalized and having opportunity to earn money, collect debts and get out of debt. This game involves all of those features, all-the-while with the goal of creating an awesome muscle car dream of your own; along with the fun of entering the racing challenges with the opponent of your choice.

As in all great stories worth repeating, there exist controversy regarding authenticity-and so too goes the stories told about the release of the now most famous game, “Monopoly.” There are definitely some similarities between those stories told, along with the game itself and the release of the “American Muscle Challenge.”

First interesting comparison-Monopoly was developed following the great stock market crash of 1929. (And we really don't need to go too deep with that one), Charles Darrow formed this great game at his kitchen table, mapping, building little hotels, houses and creating little tokens. Soon friends gathered nightly to sit around the kitchen table to buy, rent and sell real estate for vast sums of play money. It quickly became a favorite for those who had very little real cash of their own and soon friends wanted copies of this game to play at home.

Oh don't come to the conclusion that this is just another version of Monopoly… far from it. Like must have been the case with Monopoly in the 30’s, the rules can be a little thick to get through in the beginning… As the game progresses (and it does very quickly, I might add) the goal of building a muscle car, keeping the money coming in to finance your project, along with the excitement of race challenges between opponents keeps the game moving at a fun and interesting speed. One must also give consideration as to how they are managing their sales...perhaps needing to get a high-end price for a part, (you may be the only one in town with it in stock) ---a word of caution is "be careful" there are rules against price gouging-and penalties should you get caught. 

Just as there is a reason that in 1970 Atlantic City erected a commemorative Monopoly plaque in Charles Darrow's honor on Boardwalk for the invention of the  Great American Game Monopoly, there is a reason why Muscle Car Enthusiasts will want a copy of this game. Monopoly gave everyone the opportunity of becoming a real estate tycoon. Muscle Car Challenge gives everyone the opportunity of becoming the most successful Muscle Car Builder in the room.

Cy Klassen, 22, says he's anticipating another chance at beating his sister-in-law, Amanda Klassen, the currently reigning champion builder, in the next muscle car challenge to be held at the family kitchen table… 

Oh, and don't count Cole Klassen out, one of the actual Muscle Car Buffs at the table and a Vehicle Conversion Technician (yes, he was far from placing first with this muscle-car challenge). He is currently seeking the next opportunity for a re-match with his wife of only a few weeks. Cole had fun with the drag racing aspect of the game and buying and selling of parts. Even though he didn't win, he enjoyed the specs on the cars and especially the ¼ mile real times. See, there is even a consolation prize.

This game is fun for everyone around the table… While Miss Erica is not really into cars, she was laughing the entire time and even though her goal was not winning nor perhaps even completing her own muscle car, it was clear that her goal was to "throw a wrench", so to speak, into the other car builder's projects. That made for great fun for her too.

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As Erica put it, "…it's nothing personal, it is just I am better at this game than you are."

You can take it from someone who got to really enjoy these cars the first time they came around (and gas prices at 30 cents a gallon), Mike Klassen, born in 1953 put it, "How fun is it to visit the days gone by. What a trip down memory lane! This has got to be the best board game for Muscle Car Enthusiasts. Looking at the authentic stats and colorful pictures on the hotrod cards, as well as the board itself, took me back to 1970."

This GM version was ingenious! Taking the top GM muscle cars, setting the mood to compete by the 'Racing Challenges' and the piece by piece rebuilding your own personal rod. I really enjoyed playing this game. Enthusiasts can be very excited that here is a game you can enjoy as a car guy and actually involve others in learning about the 'Muscle Cars" in a fun competitive way…."

This is such a great idea. There is a lot of Muscle Car fans out there!


This game rates 5 out of 5 stars!

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