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Compu-Tronix announces major upgrades to their DIS8 Distributorless Ignition System Product Line for American V8s

Output energy has been increased to 80 millijoules, to the plugs, up to a maximum of 12,000 rpm, making these systems the highest energy systems on the market. A new wire harness and connector system makes installation a snap.Custom wire harnesses make the installation super clean. Internal Single and Dual Stage Rev Limiters have been added as an available option. Compu-Tronix Rev Limiters are special!! Unlike other manufacturers rev limiters that can cause engine damage due to mis-timed sparks, the Compu-Tronix Rev Limiters work at the logic level and can never create a mis-timed spark! The DIS8 Systems come as a complete kit featuring an American made, precision CNC machined billet housing, high energy coil packs, custom wire harness and 8MM Spiral Core, Silicone Spark Plug Wire Set. Optional Coil Pack Mounting Brackets are available. An internally generated tach signal makes the DIS8 Systems compatible with most aftermarket fuel. Injections systems and eliminates the need for an external tach driver module. All models are offered with a choice of iron or bronze drive gears at the same price. Model line includes all Chevy, Ford and Chrysler V8s.