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Corvette Bible by Mike Yager

Corvette Bible by Mike Yager
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Corvette's status as an American automotive icon began 54 years ago and is still going strong. Corvette Bible combines all the technical specifications you hunger for, with 400 stellar photos, and exclusive year-by-year review of every Corvette. Plus, insider information and tips including: 

*Problems to watch for with each Model
*Common aftermarket products
*Mistakes in restoration and repair
*Tips for buying, selling, repair and restoration


Review: By Richard “Too Low” Haas 

Let me make something clear from the start. I am not a Corvette fan, and never have been. My Corvette owning buddies tell me it’s because I’ve never owned one, and only once ever driven one (but that’s a whole story in itself!).

But I do like and appreciate well written automotive books, and this one qualifies. Mike Yager is perhaps the most avid Corvette fan and collector that there is, and his list of qualifications to write this book is almost as long as the book itself! He is the owner of Mid America Motorworks, a familiar face on the Speed Channel, host of the annual Corvette Fun Fest, and also has a Corvette Museum that is open to the public in Effingham, Illinois.

The Corvette Bible covers every year of Corvette’s 56 year history, and each year features, besides some great photography, a well written overall look at that year’s car, with plenty of behind the scenes commentary. There is a section on each model called ‘Vette Facts that list the dimensions, price, how many were produced (only 300 in 1953!), how to read the VIN number, and “Cool Stuff”, which is stuff like Life Magazine reporting, regarding the ’53 ‘Vette, “If the tough plastic is punctured in an accident it can usually be patched like new with a blowtorch for a couple of dollars”.

Along with ‘Vette Facts, each year contains a block called Mike Yager Says: that contains “Cheers”, listing very positive facts about that year model, “Jeers”, which will tell you the downsides (and they do get picky!), and Game Plan , which is aimed at serious collectors, telling them the best tactics for obtaining that particular year model Corvette, and what to watch out for.

In addition to all this, each year model has a Corvette Status Guide which will give you a great guide on the desirability of a car, depending on it’s condition, from “Basket Case” to “Restored”.

The Corvette Bible is not the kind of book you “snuggle up by the fireplace”with, or one that will ever show up on a best seller list. But this is a “must have” book for the serious Corvette fan or collector, or even someone who has just bought their first ‘Vette…..better yet, get this book before you buy your first Corvette or your second Corvette or your………ya know, maybe I ought try to find that split window Sting Ray I have sometimes thought about! 

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