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Cruisin Products: The Mayflower Build (Segment 4)

The Mayflower

Segment 4

Story By Bob Brace of Cruisin Products


To simply state that Barb & Bill’s Mayflower has some body modifications doesn't quite cut the mustard. First off, take a look at the stock body of the Mayflower. The body lines really don't fall into that category of low, sleek and mean looking, now does it. But you know, a streetrodder with an idea, and the fortitude to complete that vision can change that ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. With the help of Lee Elwart, Bill was on his way to changing the Mayflower into the beautiful custom built car any gearhead would love to own.

There are so many modifications to this car that it would fill a book with just the pictures. I must admit that the coverage given here is just a glimpse of the total modifications to the Mayflower body. Literally there are hundreds of pictures of this cars transformation. 

The top of the body was chopped 4". A complete new tilt front end was fabricated from a skeleton structure that was covered and finished with many hours of work. The rear fenders were also built from a skeleton structure, then pieced together and finished to the new design. If you have never under taken such a project, then study the pictures to get a feel for the time involved in such an endeavor.

Pictures are worth a thousand words it is said, so let your eyes feast upon the pictorial paragraphs of the Mayflower as it is transformed by one streetrodder and his friends, at home, in his garage. 

Keep in mind, this is truly a home built car.