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Cruisin Products: The Mayflower Build (Segment 6)


The Mayflower
Segment 6

Story By Bob Brace of Cruisin Products



Here's the last segment for the Mayflower. This segment features some of the details of the finishedcar. It also has some pictures of a stock Mayflower with Barb and Bill’s car.

Last September at the NSRA Nationals North, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a group of people were around the Mayflower and the comments were flying. I have heard every comment in the spectrum from "what is it " to " it's a kit car " in the little time I have spent with Barb and Bill at events. Everywhere the car is parked it draws a crowd, as it well deserves . This series in no way does this car justice in its coverage. 

These segments are a mere glance into the remarkable transformation of a little known foreign vehicle, a Triumph Mayflower, over a couple of decades.