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Dick Dean's Mercs

  Take A Look At Some  "Dean Mercs"…...


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A "Dean" Classic - Chopped Top,  Flush mounted fiberglass fender skirts, sunken antenna, shaved doors and trunk!

How Many Times Do You Think This Sight Was Seen At Dicks Shop ? .. roll em in  …..


merc on a trailer 

And Then The Work Begins ~


or should we say   Magic ….

 flamed merc


Aren't  These Great Cars …..??



This Car Was Built By Dick to be shipped to
Hawaii for a customer


Noel Blanc  (son of cartoonist Mel Blanc) has had several Dick Dean Mercs~

Noels' '51 Merc looks great … but all that went into it isn't apparent at  first glance.

This is not just a customized '51 Merc ~  it's a '51 Merc on a '77 Olds 88 Chassis.  The Merc body had to be modified to fit onto the Olds Chassis.  This gave Dick an Old Custom with new suspension and drive train.  They even kept the Olds  V8  403 Engine,  adding only an Edelbrock Performer manifold and 650 Holley Carburetor.

To get the low stance that the '51 Merc required for that true '50's Custom look, the body was channeled 4 inches over the chassis.  What once was a post car became a hardtop by cutting out the door frames and re-installing them into  the roof.  Dick chops 4" from the top, retaining the original rear glass by keeping it intact at the bottom edge and tilting it forward to conform to the  desired  lines.
     There were the "usual" Dick Dean touches, the hood was shaved and decked, corners on the hood radiused, shaved the doors and trunk and frenched the headlights.
     Dicks shop even did the interior work including a
custom center console.  The paint was by Gary Baca.


It's No Surprise that Dick Dean is known as "Mr. Merc"  and that his battle call is
"Choppin's My Game"  ………..  I'll Say !