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Duece: Seventy-Five of the Finest 1932 Ford Hot Rods of All Time, published by Rodders Journal

Duece: Seventy-Five of the Finest 1932 Ford Hot Rods of All Time, published by Rodders Journal
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The Long Awaited "32 Ford Book from
The Rodder's Journal is Now Available

Since played such an integral part of the Anniversary of the 32 Ford Event that took place in 2007, we were really pleased to hear that a book was being done by Steve Coonan at the Rodders Journal about this magnificent event and the cars that started it all.

It all started for us, when we were contacted by Dave Boule, when he and Larry Erickson asked us to help them locate the 75 Deuces that they wanted to include in the Anniversary event.  From there it just snowballed ....... many of the missing 32's were found because of the exposure on and so Ford Motor Company jumped onboard and the whole Anniversary celebration was a "go".

Dave Boule, Larry Erickson, and Ford Motor Company even honored   with our own booth in the 32 Ford Exhibit Building... the only commercial booth in the room !  (You can see our booth in the Deuce book on the page that shows an overhead shot of the floor - we're the booth with the yellow bags )  Our greatest moment of the event came when Dave said to us "we want to thank you for all your help .... without this event would not have happened".

So, to see this event memorialized was a real treat for us.  Steve did a fabulous job of capturing the body and spirit of the wonderful cars that were on display. His contributors did a great job of detailing the histories of the now famous "75" and of telling how they came to be at the Anniversary.  There are some great stories in the mix, and this is one of the finest books we've seen chronicling Hot Rodding and the all important 32 Ford.

The timing if perfect for the release of this book.... and we recommend it to all as the best Christmas gift a car guy could get.

This book is devoted to the 75 most significant Deuce hot rods as selected for the 75th Anniversary of the 1932 Ford display at the 2007 Grand National Roadster Show. This display was an extremely rare event, and perhaps never before or since has so much hot rodding history been in one place at one time.   Deuce_spread_9

These Deuces were deemed as the 75 most significant by a panel that was described as being made up of "hot rod legends, historians and curmudgeons." Included were Greg Sharp, Jim "Jake" Jacobs, Pete Eastwood, Ken Gross and Barry Lobeck among others. The nomination process went on for 9 months, included 3 ballots and a total of 474 cars were nominated. The final list of 75 Deuces is nothing short of extraordinary. 

It includes cars from the 1940s up through relatively contemporary builds, but the emphasis was on mostly traditional early-style '32 Ford hot rods. The "Orange Crate," "Lil" Coffin" and "American Graffiti Coupe" all made the list, as did the Doane Spencer and the McGee/Scritchfield roadsters. Harry Luzader"s 5-window drag racer and Gary Kessler"s iconic highboy made the cut as well. Jerry Kugel, Tom Walsh, and Tony Waters all made it with their Bonneville roadsters. Neal East"s 5-window coupe and roadster along with the Vic Edelbrock highboy and Wayne Henderson"s Victoria are also among the stellar 75.







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At nearly 500 pages and weighing in at nearly ten pounds this book exhibits the finest reproduction and the high-quality standards that you"ve come to expect from The Rodder's Journal. Not available in stores and limited to a print run of 3200, this book can be purchased through The Rodder's Journal and the TRJ dealer network for $75 plus S&H.

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