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Dynamic Control

At Dynamic Control, relations with our customers and installers are of the highest importance. For years we have been asked to produce something to finish the edges of a Dynamat installation and help installers “keep their pants clean!”. Keeping with a long tradition of producing what the customer asks for, we will now be offering DynaTape in both our home and automotive product lines. DynaTape is a 1 ½“ wide, 30 foot long and .002” thick, solid aluminum finishing tape designed for use along the seams of Dynamat to contain the butyl core. The aluminum layer is printed with the familiar Dynamat logo, to blend in with the rest of your installation. Although the primary purpose of DynaTape is to give a finished and professional appearance to other Dynamic Control products, it’s uses are almost endless. DynaTape has a transparent, pressure sensitive adhesive that is strong enough for the toughest jobs, including attaching wiring to a custom vehicle project. DynaTape will be affordably priced in the range of premium duct tape and other adhesives, but is considerably stronger and more damage resistant. DynaTape is available now, and will be sold individually or in cases of 10 and offered through any Dynamat retailer.