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Eddie Paul's Custom Bodywork Handbook

Eddie Paul's Custom Bodywork Handbook
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Foreword By Jay Leno
Book Review By George Phillips


Learn the latest techniques from master customizer Eddie Paul! More than 200 dynamic step-by-step color photos demonstrate 20 projects ranging from old school hot rods to modern tuner cars.

In this exciting new reference Paul covers frenching taillights, adding spoilers and aero kits, patching metal, installing "scissor" doors, and old-school favorites such as hiding door handles and antennas, and chopping tops. Veteran car restorers, hot-rod builders, members of the tuner car GT hip-hop crowd and car buffs in general are sure to discover new skills and more reasons to love customizing in this revved up resource.

*20 customizing projects cover simple to advanced skills

*More than 200 dynamic color photos guide restorers and car buffs through improvements

*Step-by-step instruction from the "King" of customizing

Eddie Paul’s Custom Bodywork Handbook is just that and more. This book covers bodywork trends and styles from the 50’s and 60’s right up to modern day street rods. There are tons of photos on just how to chop tops and layout the measurements, so you do it right and make it all come together by stretching or shrinking the metal. There is detailed info on frenching lights and antennas. There is info on the right way to install power windows and even a detailed chapter on making fenders flair that look and work right.  

Picture 2


The remaining piece of the “A” Pillar was trimmed for a better fit. The top will be replaced later.   The top is then laid in place and checked for a general fit. Even with a 6 inch chop, the pillars were almost perfectly aligned.
Picture 4a   Picture 4b   Picture 4c

Each section of the buck is removable. This allows us to custom cut each one to get exactly what we want.


This project definitely changed and evolved from the original plan. You never know where a customizing project will lead.


This is the rear flare from the rear before the bumper extensions have been added.

Picture 4d   Picture3   Picture 1a
From the side, the flares change the whole look of the Mustang.   These are the frenched headlights after all the metal was welded and the only thing left was the bodywork and a paint job. This job took about 8 hours to complete and has changed the looks of the front of the ‘40 without a lot of cost.   This is a Fast and Furious style car that we built for one of the guys in the shop as well as the Motor Trend Car show circuit. It’s a good example of a tuner-style custom.
Picture 1b   Picture 1c   Picture 1d

Two car guys: Eddie and Jay

  You may remember the Supra used in both the Fast and the Furious (orange then) and 2Fast 2Furious (gold now). We put that car together in about four days. Most of the stuff was just a bolt-on kit. The hardest part was the paint.   This is another example of a tuner I built for myself. It shows that sometimes just a fancy color scheme can really make a car stand out from the crowd. This car has a body kit and tinted windows. Ape Wraps did the vinyl application at our shop in just than a few hours.

This book gives the reader the detailed tool and equipment list needed to do this type of work with photos of the type and brands that work best. 

This book is for the beginner as well as the experienced. 

George Phillips,

You can pick this book up online at or your local bookstore