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Eye Candy by Designer & Illustrator Jack Bishop

Eye Candy by Designer & Illustrator Jack Bishop
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Auto Art Featuring Custom Clyed

This 130-page book is chuck-full of color filled illustrated Nostalgia.  It’s a creative book with art, text and photos.  The book is designed with car clubs, young artists, nostalgia buffs and car nuts in mind.

It features the well-known Custom Clyed, a cartoon character and his friends, who narrate this ‘50s and ‘60s collection of art of the era.  The character is fiction but the experiences of his creator, Jack Bishop (aka: Cadillac Jack), are all real and are the source of his inspiration when creating this collection of unique artwork.

Cadillac Jack acquired his nickname and knowledge of all things hot rodding while growing up in the Central California area during the ‘50s and ‘60s.  He says, “As a kid I was lousy at sports and terrible at reading and spelling, but good at art”.  His first car was a Model A Ford but his interests shifted to customs early on.  This was further inspired by Jack’s visits to Joe Bailon’s shop with his dad and family friends.

Over the years Jack has owned a total of five ’49 thru ’51 Mercs, all customs.  Much of his artwork features customs like his own cars, many pieces of art created for events put on by the car clubs that he helped found in the Bay area and later in Montana.

It was in Montana that Jack was to acquire the source of his nickname.  It is a ’60 Cadillac four-door hardtop that he rescued from a farm for just $500 dollars.  This lifetime of gearhead experience is reflected in the variety of artwork contained within the book.  It’s a mix of nostalgia, ideas and humor.

Here’s what’s in the book: 42 full-color car graphics, 12 full-color pickups & truck graphics, 22 full-color Custom Clyed T-shirt graphics, 8 full-color Custom Clyed Christmas cards, 10 West Coast Kustoms T-shirt graphics with 70 Custom Clyed cartoons, 22 Altamont Cruisers T-shirt graphics with other artwork & photos, 12 full-color Valley Cruisers T-shirt graphics, 19 full-color or black & white miscellaneous car club art & other graphics.

Here is a sample of his art work:

Eye Candy-1 Eye Candy-2


Eye Candy-3 Eye Candy-4


Eye Candy-5 Eye Candy-6


Eye Candy-7 Eye Candy-8

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Ronan, Montana 59864
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Here’s What you get:

Eye Candy004