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Fast Cars, 4-Speeds & Fist-Fights By Roger Jetter

Fast Cars, 4-Speeds & Fist-Fights By Roger Jetter
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In the ’60s, a car was important—not just any car—a white-walled kustom or a big-engined hot rod…imperative to nearly every red-blooded male, it allowed relative freedom. Weekends meant cruising the local “loop” or drive-in hangouts, street racing, or trying to meet every eligible female. In Midwestern towns, having a job and spending money on your car were of great importance. That four-wheeled gem was your whole world…a way to explore, to show off, and a means of meeting that perfect companion. A kustom or rod gave way to “factory hot rods,” off-the-showroom-floor 1960s big-engined sedans. Drag racing became the game, speed and fearlessness ran rampant…illegal drag races were standard fare. These stories will take you back to the 1960s…a time of civil unrest, constant change, and growing up…gradually…into a young adult, although most of us didn’t ever want these days to end.

Review: By Richard “Too Low” Haas

I’ve never been much of a Sci-Fi fan. Maybe a little Star Wars and Star Trek, but most of that stuff just doesn’t move me.

However, this latest collection of stories from the pen of Roger Jetter is pure-dee Time Travel and I’m here to tell ya, I loved it!

Is it Sci-Fi?  No way!

It’s a trip back through the memory files, bringing back sights and sounds and smells and words and emotions and questions and answers and the good and the bad…………it’s all these things and more for those of us born during the Forties.

If you came along after the Forties, then it’s one of the most enjoyable history lessons you’ll ever not have to turn in a report on.

Each chapter of this book is a story unto itself, covering a different aspect of that wild era of the Fifties and Sixties, and each story will remind you of a similar story that has been tucked away in the memory vaults of your own mind:

The things we went through to get enough gas to drive endlessly up and down Main Street (or whatever it was called in your town).

The constant bragging about how fast our car was, and then trying to live up to that bragging or losing face in front of your peers.

The back roads between (your town) and (their town), and the adventures (drag racing, making out, fist fights, car wrecks) that took place on those back roads.

It’s a look into First Love. It’s a look into Best Friends. Jetter has captured it all in this book. Science fiction? No. Time machine? You betcha!  

-Richard “Too Low” Haas

Excerpts from book


Front view of the Stude built in 1977... still the best rod I ever owned.

dans_fifty_four_cad   The best traveling/rod running companion I could have (short of a female!!!) - brother Dan, shown with his '54 Caddy, "finished" the winter of '03.
coop_deville_trailer   July 4th, 2005. Found an "I-lost-interest" project. The '55 Caddy Coop DeVille is loaded up, heading for home.

The Author in 1961 and in 2006


A personal, autographed copy of this book can be purchased from Roger’s website: Or Pick one up today at your local book store!!