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Flathead Roadster Pics


Dick "Fuzzy" Fuerholzer sent in some cool Flathead Roadster pics... Take a look!

Hi All

Here’s a few pics I took of Harold’s Flathead Roadster that I thought you all might enjoy!!!   Here goes!!! 

Dick ‘Fuzzy’ Fuerholzer!!!

The Roadster! Check out that Flathead!

The Roadster!                                                              Check Out That Flathead!


Rear Shot! Dash from a '50's car, real neat, hey, check out the radio!

                       Rear Shot!                                                Dash from a '50's car - hey, check out the radio!


Hey, that’s all folks!!!   This Roadster is cooooool!!!

We hope you all enjoyed it!!!
THANKS Dick ‘Fuzzy’ for sending this to us, so
we could share it with everyone!!!


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