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"Gold Digger"


Ed Dymitrowicz's 1957 Fairlane

  Hello. Just thought I'd send you some photos of the car I am currently restoring. I had originally seen this car in 1966 and one of the photos I included is the one I originally took. "Gold Digger" started as a new 1957 Fairlane 63A Victoria owned by Don Provance of Oak Lawn, Illinois.  He started customizing it as soon as he brought it home from the dealer. Over the next 10 years it went thru several changes at George Liddle's AutoBody in Alsip, Illinois, including the last conversion which was very Alexander Brothers influenced. It was last shown in 1969. I found it in pieces a few years ago after having been taken apart and media blasted in 1983 and then stored in a trailer. I am restoring it to how it was shown in 1963-1967. 
Dick "Fuzzy" Fuerholzer got me in touch with Jerry Eich who supplied me with many photos of the car that I did not have. It was also featured in the 1963 Hot Rod Magazine Custom Car Annual. The real story is much,much longer.  Thanks, Ed Dymitrowicz.