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from Jim Snyder

Al Eshenbaugh Presents Trophy to Club



Steinegger & Eshenbaugh Trophy




This is a first! A club member giving a trophy to the club! This is a great trophy, thanks Al! We'll have to put it in the club meeting room, and take it to El Mirage and put it in the club trailer for all to see. 

In case you can't quite make out the details of the photo, its a section of the head off the end of Al's record run motor, a 354 hemi head, and a piston and rod from the motor. Then there's the trick zoomie header pipe, water jacket port cover, and the brass plaque.

2010 will be a great year for El Mirage racing, if the lake bed ever drys out that is! There's water from shore to shore this winter meaning May could be a little too damp, but June on should be great!

Al's building a new BLOWN fuel motor for 2010, so hold on! 

Jerry should have his roadster in competition this year, as will Ed with his Firebird, Wayne with his Firebird, and of course the Salty 'cuda. John Iannucci could have his new sprint car ready as well!

Five, possibly six, Lakers entries for 2010! WOW, let's get-er-done!






What a great party Al, Bill, Jamie, and everyone put on! Thanks guys!

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Thanks Jim!

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