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Life & Times of a Dedicated Car Nut


By Bob Huff aka the "Memoree Maker"

Due to my being out of work for the last 10 weeks, I've had time to finally finish up and post on the net, my autobiography that I've been working on for the last SIX yrs. The site ("Life of a Dedicated Car Nut") covers my life in the Car Hobby from when I was 4 yrs old up until now (74).

Because of the 1000 plus photos along with some very humorous stories I recommend that this site be put in a saved file to read as time allows because it's too dang long to read in one sitting.

Many of the photos in the site are actual pictures I took with a 120 box camera while I was building, racing & showing cars in the 50's, 60's and 70's. When the video camera made it's appearance in the early 80's, I was one of the very 1st to travel the circuit & produce a "Full Event" video for car show participants. When I retired in 1996 due to leg problems, I was covering 32 events a yr thru out a 35 state area. During those yrs I made friends and memories with unaccountable thousands along the way. I truly miss all those people I met over the yrs and hope my web site will some how reconnect me with some of them.

After I retired in 96 there was a a huge void in my life being away from the car's and people so after many request's for my return, I came out of retirement in 2000 to do a few select shows so I could once again mingle with the car's and people.

As long as the Good Lord continues blessing me each day with health and happiness I will continue filming shows, making the people and their car's a "Star" because the friendships & memories I have of them is what makes life so wonderful for me.

To view "Life of a Dedicated Car Nut" click on "Go" on the Navigator Box. At the end of EACH page they'll be a Guest Book (which I hope you'll sign) & another Navigator Box. Click on the Navigator Box & choose the next page you want to look at & then hit Go again. Also if you'd like to pass this on to any of you car friends or add it as a link on your favorite web page, it would be greatly appreciated.   Until then, ENJOY & I will be watching the "Guest Books" for YOUR comments. Thank You, Cruise Safe and "Have A Great Time As You Cruise Thru 2009"  See ya. "Video Bob"


Here You Will Find A Big Part Of My Life, In Words And Pictures That Tell The Story Of Growing Up In America In The 'Old Days' ~ My Love For Fast Cars, And How I Helped To Pioneer The Sport Of Racing, Paying My Dues And Having Fun Along The Way ~ This Is My Story...

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