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Muscle Car Nationals Rare Finds



Rare And Seldom Seen Cars
Showcased At Muscle Car Nationals

Photos by Jack Lawford

The windy city was the scene for the annual Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals this past weekend and spectators had an exciting list of vehicles to check out.  Once again, Nickey Chicago and Norm’s Garage faced off with only real documented Nickey and Mr. Norms cars from 1967-2011.  With all this show holds, HotrodHotline Editors Jack and MaryAnn Lawford couldn’t miss this and made the trip to get first hand coverage.

As if the Nickey Chicago and Norm’s Garage face off weren’t enough to keep any muscle car enthusiast riveted, there was also a Class of 1970 40th Anniversary Display featuring more than 40 of the absolute  "Top Dog"  Muscle Cars from various manufacturers for the 1970 model year. This year TWO circles were featured; one with hardtops and one with convertibles AND several additional displays; one featuring HEMI Mopar convertibles and another featuring GTO Judge convertibles. 

In addition to these fascinating displays, there were also Motion Madness (a very special gathering that showcased some of the wildest dealer-built supercars ever to roam the streets. Joel "Mr. Motion" Rosen built the cars while Marty Schorr introduced the legend to the world with some of the most creative and eye catching ads ever seen. This was a rare opportunity to see some of the wildest and rarest muscle cars ever built, including several Phase III Camaro's, a variety of Corvettes and some very special and seldom seen authentic Baldwin-Motion creations), Shelby Snakepit II (this special feature debuted at the 2009 show. The Shelby Snakepit returned with a whole new crop of Shelby's finest documented authentic creations from 1965-1970, including the incredible Dragon Snake Cobra), Buick Stage II Display (this display featured two of the rarest Buick Muscle Cars ever built. These 1970 Stage II G.S.'s were purpose built factory racers and are the only two known to exist. Along with these notable cars, a special collection of rare and one-off parts were shown along with various historical items), Cars of Hurst Performance Display (This very special display featured Hurst/Olds from 1968-to present day including several significant one-off cars and Official Pace Cars along with some of the other offerings that came out of the Hurst Performance garage bearing Olds, AMC, Dodge, Chevy, Chrysler and Pontiac nameplates), Corvette Triple Diamond Showcase and Competition (Sponsored by Corvette Central, this display featured a historic walk through time with the country's finest restored and original Corvettes that have already achieved NCRS Top Flight AND Bloomington Gold status. Owners competed for the coveted Triple Diamond award, considered one of the industries most prestigious. Entrants ranged from 1953-2003), sYc Supercars Showcase (A very special gathering of authentic dealer-built Supercars from Yenko, Gibb and others. Absolutely no "clones" or "tributes" here!), and a Salute to the 1969 Chevelle (this was a very special gathering of twelve unique 1969 Chevelles including SS, L78, L89, Coupes, Hardtops and Convertibles).  Phew!  By the end of the show Jack and MaryAnn Lawford were exhausted, but had had a great time at this phenomenal show as can be seen by their photos.

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