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Original Super Car Headquarters


Nickey Chevrolet was the “Original Super Car Headquarters”.  Some of the most 2010%20nickey%20at%20gingerman.2_tradical street/strip cars known to exist were created in the 60’s and 70’s in Nickey’s Hi-Performance Shop.  Nickey was known for the monstrous big block Camaros, Chevelles, and Novas they produced as well as their catalogue selling almost any high performance accessory a guy could imagine, literally from “Accel to Zoom”.

In the heyday of horsepower and mini-skirts, Chevrolet emerged as the most popular and sought after muscle car manufacturer of all and the Chicago based Nickey Chevrolet sold more of these muscle machines than any other dealership in the entire country and thus became a National Icon.

Nickey Chevrolet was a multi-faceted operation and they established one of the first High-Performance parts departments that advertised nationally in many popular publications of the time and were known as Nickey Chicago.  They quickly became the leading performance parts outlet with sales of over 1 million dollars worth of parts each month...phenomenal for the late 60’s.

Over time, Nickey Chicago built numerous cars to customer specifications.  A customer could walk in, pick out a car and have it built to their specifications, from street prowler right on up to National Record holder.  Their Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III conversion cars from this era are considered to be the pinnacle of the Super Car movement and are amongst the most sought after and desirable collectibles of the day.  Most of these cars are held in private collections and are rarely see in public.69%20yenko%20camaro%20blue%20auto%20004_t

One of the currently offered services on site at their St. Charles, IL location is the Nickey Registry.   The Nickey Registry, Inc. was founded in order to help preserve and record the history of various types of Nickey Chevrolet and Nickey Chicago built and sold cars.

A team was established to work as a committee, and actually inspect the vehicles, at their location. The Team evaluates the car, documentation and prevailing information, etc. against an established criteria in order to reach a potential conclusion/determination, which of course, may not always be possible.

The team, for many reasons, does not travel to inspect a vehicle, nor do they wish to seek out vehicles, at this time. They have had numerous inquiries since inception and have had cars in their shop for the required inspections.

Since there are very few Nickey records for cars, verifying such vehicles can be a very difficult, if not an impossible task to accomplish.

The team is required to achieve a unanimous determination, in order to certify a vehicle as a Nickey Conversion Super Car.

Through 'The Nickey Registry, Inc.' they also offer expert appraisal services for most any special interest vehicle..  Services start with a one page "insurance appraisal" which decodes the Vehicle Identification number and trim tag/data plate (if possible), and provides a visual inspection rating of the vehicle, up to a complete, on the rack, top to bottom, inside out report of all major components, major visible accessories, body, paint, glass and trim.

All vehicles are to be inspected, in person, at The Nickey Registry, Inc. facility, by one of their appraisers.  Interested individuals can fill out a data sheet and submit it via email at their website The Nickey Registry, Inc. will then contact individuals to schedule a convenient appraisal time.

Since from time to time, they also travel to many shows, events and auctions, throughout the country, it may be possible to schedul

e an appraisal at one of those Venues.

The Nickey Registry, Inc.  is also available to provide appraisal assistance for complete collections of multiple vehicles from varying manufactures.

Opinion letters can also be provided.


It is clear from their solid history and dynamic future that Nickey Chicago will be handling all of the needs of the Muscle Car enthusiast, with a wide variety of cars and services, for those who will settle for nothing but the best.  Foremost among these is the Stage I, Stage II, or Stage III Nickey Super Camaro 2010.

Each of the Stages features performance improvements and appearance customizations with a brand new 2010  Camaro as a starting point.  All of these Stages will deliver the vehicle of your dreams.

One of the highlights of the 2009 year for the Muscle Car industry was the Nickey vs. Mr. Norm’s Garage Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals.  They hosted this indoor showcase for the cars that have become a part of their lives and to provide a place to revive past memories and friendships while opening the door to many new memories and friendships.

A wide variety of dealer-built Supercars from the likes of Nickey, Mr. Norm's, Royal, Yenko, Motion and others were on display. Along with these rarities, there was the Triple Diamond display, which chronicled the history of the Corvette featuring only the very best. To be a part of the Triple Diamond display and competition, entrants had to provide proof of achieving both Bloomington Gold /r status and an NCRS Top Flight award. Considered the toughest awards to achieve, this assured a quality display and demanded intense judging.

This all indoor event was open to all makes of American Muscle. Spectators saw Hemis, Bosses, COPO's, and all of the letter and number combinations they have grown to covet, like L88, 6-Pack, Mach One and of course Super Stock and more.

A variety of national and local vendors were on hand offering their wares. With a conventional swap meet that is limited to automotive parts and services, you could find everything from heads and intakes to upholstery, body panels and even nuts and bolts. Tools, automotive collectibles and wearables along with detailing supplies were featured.

The car show area also featured a wide array of commercial vendors. Again, limited to automotive related businesses, some of the country's most respected restorers, national magazines, parts suppliers and more were found. If you didn't find it weren't looking hard enough!

From their custom cars, registry and appraisal services, and being part of a show of the most astounding displays of Muscle Cars and Corvettes in one place, Nickey Chicago just keep getting better.

Visit their website at: to see more of this amazing company.