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Raybestos Roadster Pickup




From now through August 31st, follow Raybestos, Troy Ladd and the talented Hollywood Hot Rods crew in Burbank, California for a front-row screening of a hot rod build that could very well become your ride.
  Fan and follow Raybestos Brakes on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive info on the ride and don’tforget to sign-up to win at Once finished, the traditionally-inspired,1932 Ford hot rod roadster pickup with modern technology and know-how - a.k.a. the Raybestos Roadster Pickup - will be given to one very lucky winner.
  The Raybestos Roadster Pickup has been called the “ultimate parts hauler & shop truck.” Inspiration for the hot rod’s design is as if it was the Raybestos factory parts truck & show car in 1963, delivering brakes for the Indy roadsters up and down Gasoline Alley – as IndyCars were in fact running Raybestos brake pads at the Indianapolis 500 throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Design cues are pulled from open-wheeled Indy roadsters and Sprint cars of that era. The Raybestos RPU will feature:
  • 1932 Brookville Steel RPU body and custom fabricated box (
  • From Ford Racing, the all new 5.0L Ti-VCT “Coyote” V-8 engine from the upcoming 2011 Ford Mustang –deconstructed and re-dressed with vintage accessories to resemble the iconic 1963 Ford 427ci SOHC race motor (
  • Custom vintage-style stack fuel injection setup from Hilborn (
  • F.A.S.T. engine management system for modern reliability (
  • Tremec 5-speed manual gearbox (
  • Aluminum quick change rear axle
  • Complete Raybestos Brakes package (
  • Wilwood Engineering racing pedal assembly with balance bar (
  • Bias ply Firestone Indy roadster period correct tires from Coker Tire (
  • One-of-a-kind custom gauge cluster by Redline Gauge Works (
  • Custom shifter, linkage, pedals and assembly by Gennie Manufacturing (
  • “Lakes” style headers will be handmade by Hollywood Hot Rods, with oval cones, fabricated from polished stainless steel components provided by Megs Exhaust Builders Warehouse (
  • WIX oil and fuel filters (
  • Traditional style tuck & roll interior
  • Powder coating, metal coating, and media blasting work by Pacific Coast Powder Coating(
  • C&R Racing custom built aluminum radiator (
  • SATA spray equipment (
  • PPG automotive paints (
  Raybestos8   Raybestos13   Raybestos2
  Hollywood Hot Rods storefront   Raybestos early 60's Cadillac drums for the rear   Rails body and engine position
  Raybestos3   Raybestos4   Raybestos5
  Ford 5.0L Ti-VCT engine placement passenger side   Tremec 5-speed tranny   Ford 5.0L Ti-VCT engine placement driver's side
  Raybestos7   Raybestos9   Raybestos10
  Raybestos garage presents talking shop with Troy Ladd   New Brookville steel, without engine   Placeholder vintage 427 SOHC valve covers hiding the coilpacks
  Raybestos11   Raybestos14   Raybestos15
  For 5.0L Ti-VCT mill with intake gone and finner valley pan   Cross-bracing and then some. Here's a long view of the chassis on the '32 Ford Indy shop truck that Troy Ladd is building   Trick custom motor mounts
  Raybestos16   Raybestos17   Raybestos18

Raybestos RPU hand built chassis & rear end

Here' s a look at the hand built chassis and speedway engineering rear end on the '32 Ford Indy shop truck that Troy Ladd is building for Raybestos. Notice the adjustable race shicks. We're not building this to putter around.

  Speedway rear end and drive shaft   Speedway rear end side view with adjustable racing shocks
  Raybestos19   Raybestos20   Raybestos21
  Closeup adjustable racing shocks   Race-inspired chassis in all its glory   Raybestos RPU at ride height, looking sinister
  Raybestos22   Raybestos23   Raybestos24
  Side view body Brookville Steel   Body on the rack Brookville Steel   All business behind the dash Wilwood engineering setup, ready for the road course
  Raybestos25   Raybestos26    
  Interior right side, Wilwood master cylinders   Wilwood racing pedal assembly complete with balance bar!    
  For more information on the Raybestos Roadster Pickup, the correlating sweepstakes, or for questions on any Raybestos brand brake or chassis product, visit or call (800) 323-0354.