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Recollections, Regrets, & Random Acts Confessions of Hot Rod Icons By Roger Jetter

Recollections, Regrets, & Random Acts Confessions of Hot Rod Icons By Roger Jetter
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Editorial Review

It's a fact - hot rod "icons", or "hot rod heroes" in the automobile sport, were once young... just like all the rest of us... and as youngsters, they were subject to erratic decisions and action. Written in the same vein as Roger’s previous two books, the stories herein recall youthful transgressions from some of the hobby’s most well-known men. Icons in the world of hot rods and kustom cars, yesterday, as well as today, each man has a special story he remembers, whether making a rash decision or one that stands out in his memories of days gone past. Needless to say, all of the men in this book were young once, subject to changeable decisions of a youthful outlook on life.

Much like Jetter’s previous two books, Fast Cars, 4-Speeds & Fist Fights and Bangin' Gears & Bustin Heads, this 2008 release delivers authentic, raucous revelry in this entirely amusing and enjoyable read.

Recollections, Regrets & Random Acts tells the stories of Tex Smith, Gary Meadors, Neal East, Jerry Titus and several more men everyone knows.

Bundled in over 212 pages of chaos, Jetter’s new compilation of far fetched fun has been released to the chargin (&smile) of many. “After the last two book releases, I thought it would be great to hear the stories of the Rod and Custom guys we’ve all read about” said Jetter. “You know they have great stories to share, so why not document them?”

Much like a late night parking lot session with friends, “Recollections, Regrets, and Random Acts” takes readers through periods (“Traveling with Rat Fink”, by Jerry Titus), emotions (Neal East’s, “Silly Things Done for Passion”), deep memories of virtue (Jerry Weesner’s “Autophosis”), and the ups and downs of owning and building dream cars (Frank Livingston’s “Messing Up a Perfectly Good Car”).

Stories of late night “accidents”, mountainous road trips, ISCA car show memories, stealing cop cars in a small town, and more, all combined well to transcend time from then to today.

“While most of these guys have never told these stories, it seemed relevant to document them now, so they can’t deny!” said Jetter. “Guys like Tex Smith, John Lee, Fuzzy Fuerholzer, and others, lived these crazy antics...and fortunately for us, they’re willing to share them.”

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