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On The Road Again

My 1976 Trans Am's first real day out on the road again in New Jersey

By Ben Deutschman

March 2011


Okay, these photos are not from a sanctioned Car Show, or even a Cruise Night, they are instead photos from my 1976 Trans Am's first real day out on the road again in New Jersey, since November 2010. The aforementioned date, was the day of the Metuchen, NJ, dare I call it, Christmas Parade. After the Parade, the weather turned not only sharply colder, but some amount of snow began to fall, at first, just enough for the metal eating monster trucks to spread their noxious potion, road salt, all over the roads, thus ending any possibility of me taking my Trans Am out for a ride. Later on, we had two or three fairly significant snow falls, which further insured that my Trans Am would not be venturing out of its (Garage) hiding place.

On March 18, 2011, the snow was finally gone, the road salt was finally gone, and I took my Trans Am out for a drive. I did need a small Bank Loan to pay for the 5 gallons of gasoline, but at least the car finally got beyond the Garage door. In the course of my travels, I met up with my Son Martin, and his friends, and we all caravanned over to a local Quik Chek for  lunch. 














Thank you Ben!

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