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Tolle Road Customs 1939 Cadillac Coupe Project


This Car is being built for Rod Washausen who has commissioned the car for his daughter Holly.


This is the 39 Cadillac as it came to Tolle Road Customs in 2004.

  39 cad-1 04-26-05  
  39 cad-2 04-26-05  
  39 cad-3 04-26-05  



Hi, my name is Holly Washausen. I reside in Waterloo, IL. My dad and I are currently working on a project with the assistance of Jeff Osborn and Tolle Road Customs and I thought you guys might be interested in seeing the progress!

I first became interested in street rods around the age of 17, while attending the Shades of the Past in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. My dad has a ’69 pro-street Camaro that we took to the Grand Run, but this time in Pigeon Forge we decided to stay for both shows (the Grand Run and the Shades). He has had a lifelong interest in cars; however, his interest seemed to lean more toward muscle cars. That was soon to change. In 2001, my father and I purchased a 1934 Ford Coupe. We could not contain our excitement for the ‘new-to-us’ street rodding world. We started attending several national shows, along with as many local shows as our schedules would allow! In 2002, we stumbled upon the all steel body of a 1939 Cadillac Coupe in a local town. I can’t say we fell in love with the car the first time we saw it, but we saw the potential. How many ’39 Cadillacs had we seen at the national shows? So, our second project started. We began building our ’39 Cadillac in 2002 with the help of Tolle Road Customs and Jeff Osborn in Mount Vernon, IL. The completion date is approximately in fall of 2005. We unfortunately had to sell our ’34 Ford in 2003 due to our newest project, but we anxiously await the completion of our 1939 Cadillac Coupe.

I am a member of the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, as well as the National Street Rod Association. I attend events throughout the Midwest, such as the Goodguys Hot Rod Nationals in Indianapolis, IN, the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, KY, the Shades of the Past in Pigeon Forge, TN, the NSRA Midwest Nationals in Springfield, MO, and the Frog Follies in Evansville, IN. For more information, please contact Jeff Osborn at (618)244-5916


This car already includes the best of the best..... Big Block Injected 502 Engine, 4L80 Trans, Currie 9" Rearend, Wilwood 4Wheel Disc Brakes, Custom Gauges from Dakota Digital and 6 Way Cadillac seats..... and check out that Custom Grill .... fabricated from a sheet of stainless steel by the craftsmen at Tolle Road Customs.... We can't wait to see how this car progresses


You can contact Tolle Road Customs by visiting their or calling them at 618-244-5916. Tolle Road Customs can build YOUR Dream Car too !



1939 Cadillac Coupe
Update May 19,


We intended to do a lot of modifications to the body. The first thing to do was brace the body with 1” square tubing to support everything when we cut the top and firewall


The firewall needed to be smooth. The best way to do this was to cut the original out and replace it with 16 gauge sheet metal


The next step was to chop the top. After a lot of measuring, marking, and discussion it was decided to lower it 3” in front and 2” in the rear to make it look like the picture our design artist drew



1939 Cadillac Coupe Update
July 13, 2005


Here are some shots of the interior under construction



1939 Cadillac Coupe Update
September 21, 2005


This step is installing the front X member

  Scan 602

The Next step is narrowing the frame in the rear and tubbing the wheel wells to accept 10” rims.

  Scan 7
  Scan 8
  Scan 9
  Scan 10
  Scan 11
  Scan 12



Cadillac Update
October 21, 2005


The front sheetmetal was changed completely to make the lines flow smoothly.

  Picture 1
  Picture 2
  Picture 3
  Picture 4
  Picture 5
  Picture 6
  Picture 7
  Picture 8
  Picture 9


Cadillac Update
October 28, 2005




We made the grill from a 4’ X 8’ sheet of stainless steel and then made a motor cover to top it off.

  Picture 10001
  Picture 202
  Picture 302
  Picture 402
  Picture 502
  Picture 602



1939 Cadillac Coupe Update
November 23, 2005


We changed the shape of the rear fenders and lowered the rear body pan.

  Picture 104

Jody Thinking it over.

  Picture 203
  Picture 303
  Picture 403
  Picture 503
  Picture 603
  Picture 702





1939 Cadillac Coupe Update
November 23, 2005

Here are more Body modifications plus a new heart

  Picture 105
  Picture 204
  Picture 304
  Picture 404
  Picture 504
  Picture 604
  Picture 703
  Picture 802


1939 Cadillac Coupe Update
December 22, 2005


We build our own exhaust systems for the cars we build.  This is a 3” round exhaust tube going through the Flowmaster Mufflers and then we change it to 3” oval to exit. It looks good and sounds great.

  Picture 106
  Picture 205
  Picture 305
  Picture 405


To do the metal work under the car and to get it ready to paint, we put the body on our rotisserie.

  Picture 1b
  Picture 2ba
  Picture 3b
  Picture 4b


1939 Cadillac Coupe Update
March 16, 2006


The car is finally coming together. When it is completely assembled Krist Kustoms, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, will do the interior. The car will be on exhibit at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville Aug. 3- 6, 2006.

  Picture 107
  Picture 206
  Picture 306
  Picture 406
  Picture 505
  Picture 605


1939 Cadillac Coupe Update
August,  2006

The Car Has Finally come together and was selected to be in the Builders Showcase at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY August 3-6, 2006.

Picture 108Picture 207Picture 307Picture 407Picture 506Picture 606Picture 704Picture 803

You can contact Tolle Road Customs by visiting their website or calling them at 618-244-5916. Tolle Road Customs can build YOURDream Car too !