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The Vibrasonic


Here are some construction photos from Dick"Fuzzy" Fuerholzer, of the Vibrasonic Roadster.

A joint venture by George Barris and Elden Titus.



R&M Paint Refinishes/ paint supplies

Fat Man Fabrications & Hot Rod Innovators/ mustang II front end

Diamond Back Tires / kool white wall tires

Flying Eye Creations, Larry James/ dual four set up and other stuff

Kool Rides/ suicide door hinges

Shunken Head Kustoms, Rocky Burris/ various sheet metal pieces

Jack Marinelli, Midwest Customs/ frame work

Spacerods, Sal Salvador/ 3D art work

Affodable Wiring/ wiring kit

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  Update: July 13, 2008

I just finished up the right side and am ready to tackle the left side, then sheet metal around the engine and lots of welding in 100 degree weather and tons of grinding, ouch! Now I remember why I usually build these cars in the winter. The first shot is looking down at the finished product, the next shot is my brother Jerry taking credit for all the work like always, ha. I might add my good buddy Sal Salvador gave me the idea for the side scoop and I incorporated it. It added a lot the to the cars appearance Thanks Sal! The 3/4 rear shot shows the curves of the side. The 3/4 front shows the curves going the other way. The top shot shows the the amount of work it was to adapt the scoop on to the car. This right side shot shows the area that the steering column and break pedal and carb leakage has to fit into. My long time friend 74 years young Ed Dorr is working at installing all that stuff and this is usually how the car looks all in disarray. Here is a 3/4 front I reworked the side of the nose to make it more rounder to match the side. This shot shows how close to the top of the body the master cylinder is. I had to make a hinged raised hump to be able to get to it. And finally my buddy Jack Marinelli the guy who built the frame came by to see the progress in his ole hot rod, how kool. Until next time! Elden Titus

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