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Cruisin' Cone Metro Van Was a Tasty SEMA Treat

Cruisin' Cone Metro Van Was a Tasty SEMA Treat


The Cruisin' Cone is a hot rod built from a modified 1950 International Harvester Metro Van. The Cruisin' Cone was created by P.J. Burchett. The idea was to dress up a small delivery van in almost clown-car-like fashion and have it cruising around promoting both P.J.'s ice cream business and the Axalta Coating Systems paints that P.J. used to refinish the van.

The paints used were Cromax® Chrome Premier® Wimbledon White basecoat and Hot Hues® Candy Color graphics with Cromax® Chromabase® G2-77795™ clearcoat. 

The Cruisin' Cone is a family business. P.j. Burchett and his dad Larry Burchett (both of B-Rod or Custom) are the design and build team. It was featured im the Axalta Coating Systems display outside the Las Vegas Convention Center at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The paint was definitely the one element of this project that made the whole thing come alive. And the paint had only been completed for a short time before SEMA. However, P.J. had been planning the paint job for a long time. Axalta hired a model and bought a freezer full of ice cream treats to hand out. The promotion was so successful that over 400 ice cream cones were given away in the first hour.

The SEMA Show was four days of amazing awesomeness, but it was only accessible to Industry professionals. So on Friday night, after the show ended, SEMA hosted SEMA Ignited. Several hundred cars that were in the show were picked to parade from the convention center to the SEMA Ignited event. One of the vehicles was the Cruisin' Cone.

P.J. and his dad had a lot of fun constructing the Cruisin' Cone. One of the funniest things was the looks he got from the delivery person when the 7-ft. tall ice cream cone now mounted on top of the van arrived at his shop. P.J. also has vintage ice cream man gear to wear when he's driving the Cruisin' Cone.