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Daughter Finds Fathers Long Lost Car through

Daughter Finds her Dad's Long Lost Car through Hotrodhotline posting

We got a really terrific email last week from Angela Wilson who had written us a while back looing for help in finding  the car she had helped her father build many years ago.  Here's Angela's email and the whole story: 


I just wanted to thank you for posting the story of my dad's roadster at I thought I should write to say thank you and guess what?! I found it! AND the owner's were willing to sell it to me and now it lives in my garage!!! It's been amazing and I'm so thankful for forums like yours where people like me can get the word out and have such amazing results!

Angela Wilson

(the pic shows my sister and I (on right) with the roadster at an old burger drive-in right after we brought it home!)

I had posted on several forums in 2009 and 2010, including yours, and on April Fool's day 2011 I received a short email from a woman that said she saw  the posts  and thought she owned the car I was looking for. I called her and sure enough, it was my dad's roadster. She told me that they didn't know much about the car when they bought it on Ebay in 2003. And that they were considering retiring and selling some of their show cars including the roadster sometime that summer. She told me they would consider selling it to me, but also sounded like they still might list it on Ebay so I asked her to keep my contact information. About a month later I couldn't stand it anymore (and all my friends were asking me if I was crazy not to have contacted them again), and I called, offered to buy it and they said "yes" right then! I hung up the phone and went to tell my husband, but was so excited I ended up racing around our garage about 3 times hoopin' and hollerin' while he laughed at me!

Turns out they live in central California and I live in northern Ca... so it was a 10 hour round-trip haul to go pick it up, but it was totally worth it! It was amazing to see it in person and hear it fire over, it was just like my memories told me it would be. They offered to let me drive it and I said "no thank you, just load 'er up!" We waited to drive it until we got home that night... it was a bit scary as it hadn't really been driven much in several years, so we spent the next couple of weekends fixing it up and doing some maintenence work. It probably got more miles put on it last summer than it had in years! My mom and sister and I spent a Saturday last summer taking around to all the people that either watched or helped my dad put it together, there were many tears but so many smiles too!

My husband and I are getting ready to take it to our local car show - Kool April Nites here in Redding, Ca in two weeks. It has been an amazing experience and I just can't express how much it means to me to have it back in my life.




  What a really GREAT Story... We're so Glad that Angela found her Dad's car,  now it's home where it belongs .... and we're sure this grand old car will have a long and happy life with Angela and her husband.




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