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Flathead Ford V8 Specialist Relocates

Flathead Ford V8 Specialist Relocates


“Flat Jack” Meyer has moved his Ford flathead V8 collection from his prior location to a new building in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Widely known for his expertise in rebuilding 1932-1953 Ford and Mercury engines, Mayer filled seven moving vans with vintage Ford parts from his old Quonset Hut building in Oshkosh. He now has a lot more room to showcase the hot rods and engines he is working on, as well as his Ford literature and models.

Meyer relocated to a larger, three-story building in the same city. The new shop was a sausage factory and dates back to the 1920s. During the past year or so, Meyers has turned it into a perfect location to work on fixing vintage Fords. The building now houses flathead Ford V8 blocks, camshafts, carburetors, cylinder heads, gearboxes, intakes, dealer signs, old magazines, parts books and shop manuals, toys and models, lathes, band saws, presses, work benches, distributor machines, 4-post lifts and a number of hot rod projects.

Flat Jack really is a sole proprietor. He deals with thousands of parts orders, builds engines, restores cars and sweeps the floors. He doesn’t do things in a rush. Nothing leaves the shop until it is tested by Meyer himself. Lately, he has been sneaking a few 1960s Ford big blocks into the mix. If he keeps up with that, he might have to change his moniker to “Big Block Jack.”

Jack’s new shop is at 1077 Michigan St., Oshkosh.  His phone number is (920) 410-4312. Since Jack’s shop is as “old school” as the cars he works on, he has no Website or email address.