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Harmon Graphics Prepaint Preview

Having your ride painted is a HUGE and expensive undertaking, and knowing exactly what it will look like BEFORE you have it painted is invaluable. PREPAINT PREVIEW makes it easy, fun and surprisingly affordable. 
PREPAINT PREVIEW is your last opportunity to try out a variety of color and design ideas before the paint hits the panel. You’ll be blown away how the entire personality of your ride can change depending on how you paint it. And, even more important, you’ll be able to show the painter EXACTLY what you expect…ultimately protecting you from misunderstandings because you’ll be able to show EXACTLY what you want. 
From factory colors to extreme graphics, you’ll love seeing all the ideas come to life! Harmon Graphics uses the actual photo you provide to create anything you’d like to see. Nothing cookie-cutter here, every design is custom created exactly as you direct. You’ll visit directly with the owner and artist Sam Harmon to go over ideas, pricing and all the details. And if you are not sure what you’d like, Sam will gladly brainstorm with you and throw a few ideas in, if you’d like. 
Custom painters and rod shops…PREPAINT PREViEW can be a profitable addition to your services! Not only is it a cool service, but is also a great way to protect yourselves from misunderstandings.

Pricing depends on the level of detail and options you’d like to see. 5 variations start as low as $99!

Make Sure You Get EXACTLY What You Want With PREPAINT PREVIEW.  This is your last chance to see your dreams come true before spending tons of money on the final paint job.

Phone: 503-233-4408

Email: [email protected]