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Santa Maria, CA., Sept. 24 – Bruce Hiroshima, of Camarillo, drove north on Highway 101 to Santa Maria Speedway and won his first NMRA-TQ Midget main event of the year. It was the tenth NMRA race this season and he became the sixth different feature race winner. Hiroshima drove his own No. 5 Stewart/Clerc Honda and won the 20-lap, nine-car TQ portion of the multi-series race card. His effort moved him to ninth place in 2016 driver points.
Five-time 2016 TQ main event winner Scott Dobson, series point leader West Evans, rookie Taelor Janes, and 2015 NMRA rookie of the year Ace Kale completed the top five. Kale drove one of the three TQ midgets he owns.
Scott Niven, past USAC Ford Focus midget winner Shawn Buckley, Kevin Kale and rookie Wes Cummings followed. All drivers finished with seven drivers on the lead lap. Buckley sub-drove the No. 38 Evans Motor-sports Stealth/Suzuki for absent regular driver Chuck West. Dobson and Evans won the twin-eight lap heat races that started five and four cars respectively. In qualifying, Dobson set the fastest lap at 15.883.
The next NMRA race will be the season finale on Saturday, October 15. The site of race number 11 will be the third-mile banked clay Santa Maria Speedway, located just north of Santa Maria on the west side of the road and visible from Highway 101.
Fast Time: Scott Dobson, 15.883.
Heat 1: Dobson, Bruce Hiroshima, Scott Niven, Ace Kale, Wes Cummings.
Heat 2: West Evans, Taelor Janes, Kevin Kale, Shawn Buckley.
Main: Hiroshima, Dobson, Evans, Janes, A. Kale, Niven, Buckley, K. Kale, Cummings.
POINT STANDINGS (after 10 of 11 races):
           Drivers                                 Car Owners
  1 West Evans         585     1. No. 36 West Evans     615
  2 Scott Dobson       577     2. No. 18 Scott Dobson   604
  3 Chuck West         509     3 No. 38 West Evans       587
  4 Ace Kale             497     4 No. 77 Ace Kale         527
  5 Kevin Kale           393     5 No. 59 Steve Parke       496
  6 Wes Cummings ® 317     6 No. 07 Ace Kale           420
  7 Scott Niven           306      7 No. 70 Ace Kale         341
  8 Dave Lambert       277     8 No. 55 Dave Lambert   295
  9 Bruce Hiroshima   265     9 No. 5 Bruce Hiroshima 280
10 Paul Sanders         235    10 No. 22 Paul Sanders   250
                                          10 No. 20 Bruce Hiroshima 250