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IDIDIT Really Did It! October 2007

IDIDIT Really Did It! October 2007



IDIDIT Really Did It!
Ididit Car Show & Open House
Tecumseh, MI
October 6, 2007
By Ron Kregoski



There are 3 things which, in my opinion, that create the foundation for a great car show: 1- a great venue, 2- quality cars, and 3- good organization, and the IDIDIT show had all three in spades. I think the car show itself may just rival my favorite outdoor car event, the Frankenmuth Autofest.
With well over 1,000 cars, great food served up by the local KofC, beautiful weather and the comfort, convenience and hospitality afforded you at the IDIDIT digs how could you not have a great time?
The food was way better than the usually car show fare and $5.00 got you an all-you-can-eat breakfast of juice, pancakes, sausage & coffee. Lunch was an equal value. 
Folks could roam the entire IDIDIT complex from showroom to shop and even witness work in progress.  The trophies were a knockout. Machined in their shop the miniature steering columns replete with moving miniature grant wheel stood on a large billet stand. They were beautiful and I was beginning to wish that I was a contender instead of a judge.
Air conditioning, a place to sit down and plenty of potties added to comfort on a hot day. In addition, there were five teams of NSRA inspectors on hand to give safety inspections. And for those ladies who were not-so-car crazy, IDIDIT boss lady, Jane Callison organized a bus to take them on a tour of historical homes in the area, leaving hubby to swing the polishing rag solo.
The flame-throwing contest was a hellish display and riveted everyone’s attention. Extreme caution was taken to ensure that there would be no injuries or melted fiberglass fenders. And because the venue was not that far from Toledo there were a lot of Ohio cars that we generally don’t see up here in Michigan shows.
I was asked to judge the Sports Car class and selected a ’57, resto-mod Corvette sporting C-4 underpinnings and a LT-1 for its motivation. Sporting the best of both worlds, classic and comfort, this kind of ride is on my personal wish list. Owned by Tom Wilkinson of Sylvania, Ohio it was an award well deserved! Still, I had a hard time handing over the beautiful trophy.


And what did this fun event cost those who carted their cookies out to the hinterlands of Tecumseh? Nada, nichts, zippo, NOTHING! The show was free to cruisers and spectators alike. Put this one on your cruising schedule for next year. I know I am......
Warm Regards, Ronald Kregoski