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From Tex Smith, Castlemaine, Australia

Yep, the genuine Tex Smith Autobiography is finished. Well, all the words are anyway. Now everything has been fashioned into a kind of professional looking book by my old buddy down here in OZland, (Larry O’Toole) and them that has proof read all the stuff tell me they like what they have seen. So much so that they are re-reading the book several times. But always remember: Never believe your own press releases! But, now comes the publishers’ biggest nightmare: getting a book into the hands of a buyer. Yep, buyer. Not on the freebie internet. In this case, the hundred or so folks who have sent their pre-printing bucks will receive a mail delivery soon, but don’t count on an author’s signature, since the books will go almost directly from the printer (China), and I can’t plan on being suitable from day to day. Whatever, this book costs fifty bucks, and you can send a check to Tex Smith, PO Box 547, Driggs, Idaho 83422, or you can order from Larry O’Toole at Graffiti Publishing, PO Box 232,Castlemaine, Victoria 3450, Australia. You can phone your order by dialing, and yes, you can use your VISA card. I can only sign the copy if you catch me on a good day, and before I die. Which is a way for me to segway into a reminder that all of us who might be considered something of pioneers in hot rodding are laying down the hammer. I know, back when I got into this business, nearly all of the “old” guys were only in their thirties. Then, one by two and three, they started to depart the scene…all well before I was through with their company. How totally unfair! And to Trixie Roth, if you’re out there, thanx for the pix of you and Ed. Sorry I missed you and the boys when you were down here earlier, but more of that same blood problem.