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Larry Larue Lindsley Celebration of Life

Larry Larue Lindsley Celebration of Life

Biography by Anne Lindsley, edited by Richard Parks, 
Photographs by the family
Photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz
Larry Lindsley came from a racing family.  His parents were Jim and Phyllis Lindsley and they have been friends of the Parks' family since the 1930's.  Anne Lindsley had this to say about her husband.  "Larry Lindsley was a husband, father, son, racer, and a friend to many. Throughout the years, his friendship, kindness, and thoughtfulness were valued by many. Larry's passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of all those who knew him. It was a blessing to know such a wonderful and kind man and we will miss him dearly. We are comforted by the knowledge that his passing into the Great Race Course in heaven is felt by his entire Land Speed Racing family," Anne said.  A Celebration of Life was held for Larry Lindsley on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the Lindsley home in Murrieta.  Attended by four generation family members, lifelong friends, and Land Speed Racing family.  Dinner was served and then a brief service and remembrance ceremony was held in his h

Larry LaRue Lindsley was born February 21, 1940 in Bell, California to Jim and Phyllis Lindsley.  He was the oldest of three sons and looked after his younger brothers Gary and Fred.  Larry spent his early years growing up in East Los Angeles, where two neighbors became lifelong friends; Burke LeSage, well known by our Land Speed Racing family and Nick McDonough.  Nick was also well known as he was the longest standing member of Larry's pit crew.  Larry graduated from Bell High School.
He worked as an assembly line person, sales rep for oil field flow meters, roofer and then as an accomplished electrician.  Larry specialized in electrical and mechanical repair of lathes, mills and grinders.  He retired from his own business in 2012.
Larry and his brothers attended racing events as soon as they were old enough to "watch out" for themselves.  Their mother and dad, in addition to racing a vehicle, were also volunteers at events and always busy.  In the 1960's Larry raced a pick-up truck, then he and his dad started racing the orange Studebaker.  A few street vehicles were run at El Mirage just for kicks.  Then came the copper colored SuperBird.  And finally the infamous Pontiac Firebird.
He was a lifetime Gear Grinder member, which is a racing club in the Southern California Timing Association and he continued to be active in the club all his life.  He set many records in various classes, culminating in his most proud accomplishment, going 300+ in the Pontiac Firebird on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2001.  Larry was also a member of both the El Mirage and Bonneville 200mph Club.  Larry was a past two term Gear Grinder Vice President and holds numerous club awards, and SCTA-BNI records. 
Larry and Anne met in 1960 thru a friend of Larry's that Anne's cousin was dating.  They married in 1961.  And, as the saying goes, “The rest is history.”  Larry was a brother-in-law to Fran and Bob McNabb, DeeDee Lindsley and Donna Lindsley.   
Larry was active in the lives of his children and they meant everything to him.  Larry and Anne have two daughters, Cheryl, and Pattie, and one son, Jim II and daughter-in-law, Debbie.  The family enjoyed many years camping and fishing.  Larry and his son Jim were active in the Indian Guide Program thru the YMCA.   Everyone was involved in Pop Warner, with daughters Cheryl and Pattie as cheerleaders, Jim played football, and Larry and Anne as volunteers.   He was an awesome grandfather to James III, Larry, Jessica, Shelby and Allie Marie.  He was the coolest great-grandfather to Cody, Chad, James IV, Rayann, Chasse, Gavin, Evan, Spencer, Gage and Peyton.  He was the most fun uncle ever to Julie, Gary, Larry, Mike, Tina, Heather, Kaylee,  Aaron, Kelliey and Danny.  He was a proud Nino (godfather) to Vanessa, and a forever best friend to Nick.  Larry was a lifetime mentor and buddy to Dewayne, Jerry, Jennifer, and Gabriel.
Anne and Larry moved to Murrieta, California in 1981 to escape the overcrowded Southern California metro areas and fulfill their dreams of a rural life.  Larry always loved gardening and farming and when he and Anne moved to the country he raised and showed Polled Herefords, raised pigs and chickens, and had an extensive vegetable garden.  All while continuing to work in Los Angeles.    
At the 2014 SCTA Banquet, Larry Lindsley received the WHEELS OF FAME AWARD and Anne accepted this award for him.  Bill Lattin, the presenter gave an amazing speech.  
"Back in 1938, Jim Lindsley helped to form the Gear Grinders.  The meetings were held at his house, with a just a few members in attendance.  Jim and his wife Phyllis Lindsley had a son, Larry Lindsley.  Fast forward into the 1950's, my Dad remembers seeing Larry as a young boy at Lyons Drag Strip and El Mirage, just to name a few places.  Larry would marry Anne and start a family.  The constant things in his life are his wife Anne, his children, and racing.  It is the latter, that we are here tonight to acknowledge.  I must warn you, it is a long list.  Please indulge me as I read through this list.  It deserves the recognition, for it is a lifetime of achievement for Larry and his racing Lindsley family.  I'll start with the Gear Grinders:   
   Gear Grinders past two-term Vice President of the Gear Grinders car club   
   Gear Grinders Sportsman Award; 1967, 1984, and Larry and Anne 2012   
   Gear Grinders Life Membership; 2012   
   Gear Grinders Driver of the Year; 2002   
   Gear Grinders Top Points Car; 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.   
   Gear Grinders Top Speed Car; 2002 to 2006
   Season's Fastest Driver; 2002   
   Season's Champion; 2000
El Mirage Records:   
   November 1999 E/BFALT @ 223.163   
   June 2000 D/BFALT @ 246.714   
   September 2000 C/BFALT @ 268.709   
   October 2000 B/BFALT @ 261.513   
   November 2000 A/BFALT @ 258.472   
   June 2005 AA/BFALT @ 256.593   
   June 2006 D/BFCC @ 253.121   
   July 2002 A/BFL @ 304.296   
   November 2002 AA/BFL @ 308.605
Bonneville Records:   
   August 2004 B/BFALT @ 308.517   
These records, 10 in all, with Larry behind the wheel of either the Leggett Lakester or the # 484 Firebird, still stand to this day.  Larry entered the famed Bonneville 200 MPH Club in 1971, with a speed of 204.779. The 2004 Bonneville record, at 308.517, placed Larry into the 300 MPH Chapter.  The El Mirage records placed Larry into the El Mirage 200 MPH 'Dirty 2' Club and the 300 MPH Chapter.  He is one of only five people in the world to ever achieve this at El Mirage.  With Larry behind the wheel, whether the Firebird or Lakester was on the dirt or the salt both would shake the ground and sound like rolling thunder.  You could hear the Firebird leave the starting line at Bonneville from three miles away.  Will you please join me and welcome Larry into the WHEELS OF FAME,” Lattin concluded.
Larry passed away peacefully on September 22, 2014.   His presence and amazing spirit are deeply missed.      
Gone Racin' is at [email protected].