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National T-Bucket Alliance Gets Attention in Wisconsin

National T-Bucket Alliance Gets Attention in Wisconsin


The National T-Bucket Alliance ( came to Wisconsin the second week in July and attracted lots of attention.  In fact, one T-Bucket owner from a different state decided to see if the Wisconsin State Patrol would allow him to show them how fast his car could go.  According to reliable sources, the troopers gave him a "fast driving award" and he went home with more than a cheesehead hat for a souvenir.

That esperience didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm for a great event.  The dedicated T-Bucket fanatics who prefer big engines, huge rear tires, fancy paint jobs, and lots of chrome had a successful meet.  And the public liked seeing the Ford Model T-based T-Buckets, C-Cabs, Roadsters, and Bob-Tails because none of the hundreds of cars in attendance looked alike.

The majority of the cars had Model T-like bodies made of fiberglas, but there were also a couple of exceptions with "real steel" Model T bodies modified into the T-Bucket formats.  For the most part, these cars were built from the ground up by their owners.  According to the National T-Bucket Alliance, the turnout of cars was somewhere between 120 and 130 hot rods.

Since the National T-Bucket Alliance is a family-oriented club offering something for everyone, families from the area were invited to come out and see the cars that were parked at the Tundra Lodge in Green Bay through almost a solid week.  "We encouraged the public to visit with our members and enjoy the cars at no charge," said Jerry Chenot, a National T-Bucket Alliance member who helped with meet arrangements.

A show was held on Saturday and it was only for T-Buckets, C-Cabs, '26/'27 Roadsters, and Bob-Tails.  There was no charge to attend the show.  The National T-Bucket Alliance was hoping to get more people involved with this unique style of hot rod.  According to Chenot, the Green Bay event attracted members from all across the United States, with many also bringing their cars.  "We even had a member from Japan fly over," he said.  "The Japanese man does have a T-Bucket, but he didn't bring it with him - this time!"  The group also has members in Africa, New Zealand, England, Australia, and Scotland.