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Back awhile, there was a comic strip named POGO, very popular because  the animated possum and swamp friends had a way of striking at the very heart of the American psyche. One of Pogo’s exclamations that has lingered with me all these years was “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us!”. That is decidedly true of we traditional type hot rod enthusiasts.

The merry go around has us right back at a time in our own history that we so pointedly derided thirty years ago. Namely, we are now a part of the lawn chair majority. Oh, whoa, oh whoa. As Pogo used said, we has found the enemy and the enemy is us!! We are the brigades of nameless folding camp chairs, esconced in the shade, nodding half-asleep at the endless parade of shades of red deuce roadsters.

Exactly when Power Parking and Power Sitting came in vogue, I’m not sure, but it must have been somewhere between Fifty Five and Sixty. No, not l955, I mean the Fifty Five in a person’s personal pantheon of passing years. Age. Winters. Seasons bygone era’s.