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Real Deal Sox & Martin Super Stock Hemi Barracuda

Real Deal Sox & Martin Super Stock Hemi Barracuda


This 1968 Hurst Hemi Barrracuda, serial no. BO29M88299136 has been documented and verified to be one of the Super Stock cars that Ronnie Sox campaigned for the Sox & Martin drag racing team during 1968 and 1969.

To build on its successful 1967 season, Chrysler released the ultimate factory drag cars: Hemi Barracudas and Hemi Darts. Sox & Martin prepared two Hemi Barracudas for 1968. This particular car was used as their primary NHRA SS/B car, while the other Barracuda was used for match races, NHRA modified production events and certain AHRA venues.

During 1968, Sox & Martin won six of 11 major events and went undefeated in 30 match races. They won S/S titles at the NHRA and AHRA Springnationals and the AHRA Summernationals. They took the All-American Championship, Stock Car Nationals and Cars Magazine awards. Ronnie Sox was chosen as AHRA Driver of the year and it all added up to a never-before-achieved record-setting year in the sport of drag racing.

In 1969, Sox & Martin had a grueling schedule with 92 race dates and appearances at 103 drag racing clinics. They won Top Stock honors at the Winternationals, took the U.S. Open and held NHRA S/S titles at the  Springnationals and World Finals.

Ronnie Sox became the first Super Stock driver to win Eliminator titles at all three of what were considered the NHRA’s “big ones.” By winning his third consecutive NHRA Springnationals event, Sox became the first driver to achieve the “Triple.” He was crowned the NHRA Super Stock World Champion.

Some of the more memorable races won by this Barracuda were the 1968 AHRA Springnationals, 1968 Super Stock Nationals, 1969 NHRA Springnationals, 1969 U.S. Nationals and 1969 NHRA World Finals.

After Ronnie Sox won the World Championship in 1969, this car was sold to Sam Carroll. It then went successively to Melvin Yow, Bill Villa, Sonny Shipman, David Sikes, Randy Miller and Fred Engelhart. In 2003, the current owners bought the car and completed its restoration at Engelhart Performance.

Hot Rod Hotline ran into the car at the 2012 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals ( in Rosemont, Ill. The 2014 edition of this event is scheduled for Nov. 22-23 and promises to showcase many other examples of drag racing history. It will include a special showing of fiberglass bodied drag cars.