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Roxy's Pet Pad is a Game Changer for Car Rides with Your Pets

Sometimes the greatest inventions are the most simple. We recently stumbled upon and we wanted to share it with any of our pet lovers on here! Here's what how creator Frank Zupan came up with it!
ROXYSPETPAD.COM came about in a very special way. We purchased Roxy from a local breeder that specialized in Mini Goldendoodles as a birthday and recovery gift for my wife, Diana. She had just finished her chemo treatments after her surgery as a result of colon cancer. We already had a Kerry Blue Terrier but he was a bruiser. A gentler puppy was needed. Well once the breeder showed us the puppy it was love at first site for both the puppy and Diana. Over the next couple of years Roxy and Diana were inseparable. We took Roxy everywhere with us.
Roxy was so attached to Diana that she wanted to sit on her lap but she was too heavy for that. So, I cut out a pattern from wood and made a pad that straddled the console to the back seat in our SUV. This allowed Roxy to lay on the pad on top of the console and also to walk back to the cargo area, and not fall into the footwell while riding with us.
Being a Tool & Diemaker and having my own manufacturing businesses for over 35 years, taking this to market was second nature for me. So I have now secured a US Patent, made and tested prototypes, refined the pet pad and am bringing it to market. Sadly, Diana is no longer with us but now Roxy rides everywhere I do thanks to her filling a need for my wife.
Roxys Pet Pad is just the first in a line of products .coming in the near future.