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STOLEN: Help Angie find her 1970 Chevelle SS Clone

Hello, my name is Angie and my 1970 Chevelle SS clone has been stolen from Felicity Ohio.I have had the car for about 26 years, it holds a lot of good memories.I built the car with several different good friends and family members that are dead now, my 24-year-old son was also born in this car. I am terminally ill and have willed this car to my son who also helped me build it!! The theft of this car has caused my health to deteriorate, and I'd like to get it back for him before I die...
It's blue with silverish purple stripes on the trunk,has a primer cowl induction hood and a black passenger side fender,the piece that holds the trunk shut is broken and needs rewelded it has Outlaw American racing rims with new tires with black interior the front bucket seats are swivel, it has a 350 motor and power-glide transmission with 10 bolt rear end. Please help me find my car 859-550-4905
UPDATE: Sadly after looking for this car after 5 yrs of it being stolen,my son has died and never got to see it again!!!
Now getting this car back is more important to me then ever before!!! There is a $30,000 REWARD for this car!!! I know this car isn't worth $30,000 to anyone but me and my family!!! If you see it plz help me get it back!!!
My son died riding his bicycle when he should have been driving this!!! You can call the police or call me at the number listed above or email [email protected] 
No questions asked and no charges pressed!!!
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