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Thadd McNamara's Tales of Inspiration

I went to high school about 30 or so miles from where I lived. Before I got my license, I would either ride the train to school or bum a ride. One morning, my best bud called and said that a friend of his had just gotten a car for his 16th birthday, and that they would be picking me up every day as long as I helped pay for the gas.

A few minutes later, I heard one of the sweetest sounds I had ever heard pull up in front of my house.

Larry's parents had let him buy a 50 Plymouth that had belonged to one of their neighbors who was on his way to boot camp and then to Korea.

This Plymouth was lowered, nosed and decked, and had a Chrysler 6 (265+ cubic inches), with dual carbs, dual exhaust, an aluminum head, and the sweetest sounding set of steel pack mufflers I had ever heard. And when Larry yelled "Roll Down the Windows!" just before we went through an underpass floored at about 60 in second gear, I was hooked. I have been a sucker for straight 6's and 8's with dual exhausts ever since.

I have built a number of muscle cars, classics (I currently have a big block equipped 57 Nomad), drag cars (I have held a couple of records), street rods, etc.
The sound of that Plymouth started me out on an expensive, long term, but very satisfying hobby.. And the best part over the last (almost) 60 years has been the people that I have met and dealt with…

Thadd McNamara
Rolling Hills, Ca