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Tim White's Tales of Inspiration

In September of 1957, when I was 10 years old, I was "working" at my dad's Texaco station one Saturday when the bell rang signaling that a customer was arriving.  I ran out front, expecting to pump some. 29 cent gas and found my self face-to-face with a gorgeous black, full fendered '32 Vicky.  Red wheels with trim rings, caps, wide whites, and a red roll and pleat interior all of which was pulled around by a Mercury flathead with finned heads and dual carbs.  It was just passing through town en route to somewhere and I never saw it again, I don't even remember whether I collected for the gas but I never forgot that car.  It was the inspiration that led me to the Vicky that I have owned since 1970 and that sits in my garage right now. I have relived that experience hundreds of times since but the picture is as clear as if it were today.

Tim White
Fly-by-Nite Motorsports