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Vincent Giardina's Tales of Inspiration

I was in my senior years of high school. I was a member of the East New York Hydromaniacs. It was then that I bought my first car. It was a 1940 2 door sedan Chevy, on the bottom of each fender was the name Lil Six. That was the cars name. I had fallin in love and I paid 50 dollars for it. She had a blown second gear, but first and third got us to where we wanted to go. Lil six had no parking brake so a red brick came in handy all the time. When I had to park on hills my ol lady had to get out and place the brick behind one of the wheels. On one Saturday evening we got to the church dance a lil late. The only place left to park was on a hill next to the church. I placed lil six in reverse and shut down the motor. My ol lady got out and placed that red brick behind the wheel. When we left the dance lil six was no place in site. I found her at the bottom of the hill and deeply in the ditch. My ol lady upon asking her said she placed the red brick behind the rear of the rear tire instead of in front of it. Go figure. Oh by the way she became my wife. NO NOT LIL SIX          Thank you. Vincent Giardina