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Chuck West did it again Saturday at the banked third-mile clay Santa Maria Speedway. The primarily open-wheel multi-division racing program was the fourth race at SMS this season for the NMRA-TQ Midget Series. West won the 20-lap main event for the eighth time in 11 events this season. He also has eight heat race wins and has averaged 64.18 points per race date.


The feature winner from Clovis drove the West Evans Motor-sports No. 38 Spike/Bob Wirth-built 750cc Suzuki as usual. West now leads his car owner/first cousin Evans, of Moorpark, by 77 points. Evans' No. 38 TQ is 88 points ahead of his own sister ride—the No. 36 Spike/Bob Wirth 750cc Suzuki.


TQ rookie Jason Arnold enjoyed his career-best second place in Rick Poe's No. 2p. Scott Dobson, in his own No. 18, Scott Niven, in Steve Parke's No. 59, dad Ace Kale, Evans, son Kevin Kale, and TQ rookie Donald Brashier followed in the eight-car field. All drivers completed 20 laps. .


NMRA teams raced a pair of eight-lap heat races. Newcomer Arnold won the first heat over West, Dobson and fellow rookie Brashier. Niven captured heat two over Evans, A. Kale and non-finisher K. Kale.


There are three Saturday night races remaining on the 14 events schedule. Santa Maria Speedway dates are September 16 and October 7. The penultimate race on September 30 will take place at NMRA's “home track” Bakersfield Speedway, the banked third-mile clay Bakersfield Speedway in Oildale.



Heat 1 – Jason Arnold, Chuck West, Scott Dobson, Donald Brashier.

Heat 2 – Scott Niven, West Evans, Ace Kale, Kevin Kale.

Main – West, Arnold, Dobson, Niven, A. Kale, Evans, K. Kale, Brashier.


POINT STANDINGS; (as of Aug. 31):

       Drivers                                   Car Owners

1 Chuck West        706      1 No. 38 West Evans    740

2 West Evans        629       2 No. 36 West Evans   662

3 Scott Niven         604       3 No. 59 Steve Parke   637

4 Ace Kale            510       4 No. 77 Ace Kale       543

5 Kevin Kale          461       5 No. 07 Ace Kale       492

6 Jason Arnold ®   426       6 No. 2P Rick Poe       450

7 Scott Dobson      395      7 No. 18 Scott Dobson  416

8 Don Mosley ®     284      8 No. 70 Ace Kale        398

9 Chris Thomas      255      9 No. 87 Doyle Mosley 305

10 Wes Cummings 186    10 No.40 Ed Thomas      270