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Rodders Row

I purchased this car as it shows here except for removing black power coated parts from the engine and replacing them with polished aluminum and replacing to open rear with a new posi unit.
This car was built on lottery money. It started with a $6 lottery ticket, I won $8,000. So, I wanted to build a drag car. I started looking around and couldn't find anything. One day I was driving in Route 107, in Lynn, MA, on the left side of the street, I saw this Dodge Dart in front of a mechanic shop.
After many years I finally got my 32 Roadster! Been a long wait and many times I was interested in something else or the price on a roadster was more than I wanted to pay.  
Tom was searching for the right '33 WIllys for over 20 years and when the right one came along he traded his 1948 Ford F-150 rat rod for it. Now that is one sweet daily driver!  
It took Jake 18 months to finally land this mean looking Chevy. Jake took out the tired 305 and fitted with a 283 out of a Vette,350 Turbo tranny, and Mustang rear end. This Rat Rod can scoot!
  Gene Axtell & Ian Burnett