Street Rod

Louisville, KY
August  2011

   On the trip to and from shows, we often get off the Interstate and explore little towns ...  we had begun to think that there weren’t any little towns between Boise and Louisville that we hadn’t been to .....   but we were wrong.   We got off a ramp in  Nebraska on the way home this year .....  checked out the town looking for antique stores and car treasure.  Jack noticed a building with a 35 Ford 4 door out front and thought he’d stop in and ask the guy if he knew of any Hemi engines for sale.    No one answered the door so Jack called the phone number on the door and the guy said he’d be right over.    Were we in for a SURPRISE .....   a guy named Harv showed up and said he had a few cars .....   YIKES ....   take a look at what was inside.    Harv has the widest range of cars we’ve ever seen in one place... from 1918 on up.

This is a very unusual  retractable top Mustang.   

Harv showed us how the top worked and started up many of the cars for us.



This was awesome...  a 3/4 scale of a 32 Ford Roadster.  It was built in 1988 and runs on a Honda engine.  Harv bought it at Barrett Jackson


The range of Harv’s collection is from old to new ...  from American to Exotic



There are a couple of  Chrysler Maserati’s


And a Lambourghini Kit car


Some Mustangs

This is a 1918 Olds Touring car.. Harv showed us that it came with an oil can attached to the firewall so that the valves could be oiled











Harv built this bicycle so that it can be steered from either side of handlebars












































    What a great guy and fantastic collection .... Harv loves all kinds of cars and he’s always buying so we plan on stopping by to see him next year and see what he adds to his collection.    This is one of the best stops we’ve made in all of our trips ....       

That puts the cap on our trip to Louisville this year.....  we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the stay in Louisville.. good to see so many friends and as always meet so many new people...  So until next time.. Keep Rodd’n 





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