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1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe (Page 4)

1932 Ford 5-window Coupe


From Bill Neumann

Camarillo, CA

June 2010

Page 4

The chassis is painted and rubbed out, and I’m assembling the running gear.



The Kugel rear end is in, along with the Bilstein coil-over shocks. I decided to paint the springs the same color as the body, which gives a nice contrast with all the glitter. The Wilwood brake and clutch master cylinders are in as is the Master Power 7” booster – all hooked up to their clutch and brake pedal set-up. Check out the neat brake lines by Mark Bohlen at Bent Custom & Performance . I polished all the lines and Goodridge fittings, Kugel clamps and they look great against the red chassis. Also, check out the polished Borgeson billet steering box . The big hex acorn nut is from Fastenal – the only one I know of that has this part – size, thread and stainless steel.



While I’m working on the chassis, Alan Palmer finished the final body prep and laid on the color and clear coat.


I always try to keep things moving even if I’m not ready for something right away. I used some in between time to assemble the dash. Take a look at the great Knecht panel and Classic Instruments – a standout against the red dash (img_0471.jpg). Another time I made up my instrument wiring harness and hooked up the sender leads from the Bare Bonz kit from Ron Francis.


For the next installment I will have some info and photos on the front end. And you can see it as a roller ready to mount the body.