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1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe (Page 9)

1932 Ford 5-window Coupe


From Bill Neumann

Camarillo, CA

May 2011

Page 9

Mike Harper finished the black leather upholstery with a red bead that matches the body color. Then Mike and I added the window channel bead in the doors and I finished everything off with the chrome window moldings. So the interior is completely finished.


This is a low shot of the dash that shows the Alpine head with CD and Blue Tooth. Mike made a special mount and surround panel to hide it – you can’t see it sitting in the seat.


I added the door pull ring for ease in closing the door and not use the handles. The molding chrome is by Sherm’s Custom Plating, and they did a great job. The moldings were pretty rough and now they look perfect. They also used silver solder to fill all the joints with a slight radius to make a one-piece look.




I haven’t added the horn button as yet, because I want to align the front end first so I can center the Flaming River leather wrapped banjo steering wheel and then button it up.



Mike did a great job on the seat with the lumbar support and a slight raise in the center for a really nice sitting position. A small package tray behind the seat holds the two speakers and a pocket to hold small objects.




Back in the trunk is the stainless steel gas tank made to fit by Rock Valley and polished by the Polishing Shop. To the right is the battery.



The inside of the trunk is painted and finished just like the exterior, so I hated to cover up the nice paint job by Alan Palmer, Palmer’s Custom Paint and Body. So only black leather plugs were glued in the stock formed holes. Mike made a sample, and it really looked good, so we went with the idea.


Coming soon: The next page will be the radiator/grille installation, and then the shock/headlight mounts – and it’s finished. So be sure to check back on