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1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe (Page 5)

1932 Ford 5-window Coupe


From Bill Neumann

Camarillo, CA

August 2010

Page 5

Even though I planned ahead, there is always something that takes longer than expected. I’ve built many cars in the past, so I should know that sometimes you take two steps forward and one back. 

Anyway, Alan Palmer finally painted the chassis and body. It is now all rubbed out and looks great.



I’m assembling the running gear (the fun part) and it’s now a roller. Note the Powermaster booster, Wilwood master cylinder, and proportioning valve.  I polished all the stainless steel brake lines made by Bent Custom and Performance and fittings from Goodrich – all a standout against the red chassis.



The chassis is riding on a Kugel rear end, and a Posies Super Slide chrome front spring. I have to mention that the spring fit perfectly and the chrome is excellent. The axle is a three inch drop stainless steel part from Speedway Motors. The stainless steel spindles, ball joints and radius rods are from Magnum Axle.




I chose the Fidanza aluminum flywheel with the steel face, clutch and pressure plate. They supply a pilot shaft for alignment with the kit – went on perfect. I decided to use the Tilton Engineering hydraulic throw out bearing. No installation problems here, but you need a slide micrometer to get the bearing spacing right-on – very important!


My son’s, Aaron and Gary lifted the trans and helped me bolt up the Muncie 4-speed to the bell-housing. Then we carefully lowered the engine and trans into the chassis – no scratches! All the nuts, bolts, washers and screws are from Totally Stainless – a great company with quick shipping. They carry lots of thread sizes used on early cars, like on my 1932 Ford coupe. Some come polished, and those that didn’t, I polished everything. I always measure what needs to be bolted up and cut the bolt to length, allowing for a Nyloc and washer – I don’t like a lot of threads sticking out. I give the cut end some filing and sanding and then polish the threaded end that shows too.



I’m using a Hurst shifter and for a little contrast, I chromed the levers and rods. Everything went on perfect. After this was completed, I installed the three-carb manifold and valve covers from Automotion – they painted the carb bodies and valve covers the same PPG Cherry Red to match the body color. A Joe Hunt ignition completed the installation. It’s looking just like my original roadster. The last parts to go on the engine was the Billet Specialties polished pulley’s with serpentine belt drive – looks great!


In the next installment, I’ll give you photos of the completed engine and chassis.